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de Rooy 1923


Graad de Rooy establishes the transport company G.M. de Rooy. He conveys building materials for companies in Eindhoven with a small truck.


De Rooy counts an additional seven cars, already works for DAF, and now also receives an order from Philips. We transport semi-finished products and raw materials within Eindhoven for the electronics giant.


On February 15, Graad de Rooy passes. From this moment on, Jan and his brother Harrie are at the helm of the company. De Rooy now has fourteen trucks and 30 employees and undertakes international journeys.

Spoetnik de Rooy


Jan builds the Spoetnik, a small truck used to convey four DAF trucks instead of one. This marks the beginning of the custom-made transport for which we’re known.


The year of the breakthrough for De Rooy in high & heavy transport: DAF commissions us to drive 500 trucks to Tehran. A monster job that Jan and Harrie couldn’t wait to get started on.


Jan’s son Gerard and daughter Anneke join the business. Gerard takes over more and more tasks from his father. Anneke starts at De Rooy’s foreign branches and later heads the Financial Administration department.


Making transport as efficient as possible – that’s Jan’s passion. And so, he designs a three-story combination that can convey even more trucks.


We choose to stop transporting general cargo, allowing us to fully focus on the transport of trucks and tractors, which is now our specialization.


Today, Gerard and Anneke are at the helm of De Rooy. We drive all over Europe with our 450 custom trucks. We serve our customers from ten European compounds and our corresponding international offices.


In the coming years we will work on further expanding our current position as market leader. Through innovation, flexibility and decisiveness, we provide specific customization for every customer in our industry. This is how we achieve an optimal customer satisfaction.

We aim to realize this through operational excellence, ICT transformation and the (personal) development of our employees.
Visie de Rooy


De Rooy is a family business, in the broadest sense of the word. Passion for challenge and transport flows through the veins of our entire team. That forms our DNA, connects us, and makes us one big family. It also means that we say what we have to say and always have each other’s backs. No fuss, but ‘pedal to the metal’. Every day we work together to realize the best loading combinations, combined with our network of various compounds. Our Research & Development team is always looking for that extra millimeter of clearance in the loading capacity, and our planners work hard to make sure that no truck drives without a load. Together, we push the boundaries of transport.

Customers as partners

Our customers are the reason why we work hard every day to transport cargo as quickly and efficiently as possible. We work together closely, which is why our customer relationships often develop into partnerships. In line with that, we offer our customers a fixed contact person and continuously stay in touch with them via online and EDI connections. In turn, customers involve us in the development of their products, to which we adapt our fleet. This allows us to create unique loading combinations and combine inbound and outbound transport. We’re proud of the unprecedented way in which we shape transport, together.

Dakar Rally

To innovate, you must experiment. That’s why the Dakar Rally is our passion. When Jan de Rooy first participated in 1982, he immediately won in the truck classification. He was nicknamed l’ours (the bear) and he couldn’t walk down the streets of Paris for a while without being recognized. And not only did Jan drive the rallies, he also helped design several trucks for the Dakar! For example, he worked on the acclaimed DAF trucks the “Dubbele Kop”, “The Bull” and “The Turbotwins”. Son Gerard has also driven and won the Dakar. Both men now stay away from rallying, although Gerard is still involved in the Dakar Rally as team manager of Team De Rooy.

Working at De Rooy

Have you always wanted to work for the industry leader in European transport? With a touch of Dutch sobriety and pragmatism? Take a look at our vacancies and apply now!

Working at De Rooy

Have you always wanted to work for the industry leader in European transport? With a touch of Dutch sobriety and pragmatism? Take a look at our vacancies and apply now!

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