Safety & certifications

certificeringen de rooy


As the name suggests, high and heavy transport is much heavier than usual, especially during the loading and unloading of cargo. Our drivers need to be able to deal with this, and that’s why they receive extensive training. We prepare them for all kinds of complicated traffic situations and teach them how to safely load and unload their trucks.

Our certificates

Certifications are important to guarantee and improve the quality of our organization. For that reason, we’ve obtained:

TÜV certificeringen

Our custom-made trucks are stable, safe, and solid. And by passing the strict German safety tests of TÜV NORD and TÜV SUD, we can prove it. They tested our combinations for the strength of their material and for safety and stability during driving, braking and cornering. And we passed with flying colours!

Dun & Bradstreet Rating Certificate

To demonstrate our financial stability to our customers, we obtained the highest Dun & Bradstreet Rating Certificate. This prominent certification ensures our customers of our excellent creditworthiness.

ISO 9001

This is the international standard for a quality management system. By obtaining this certification, we guarantee that we continuously monitor and improve our business processes.

ISO 14001

This certification proves that we have an internal environmental management system, which is aimed at limiting and reducing environmental risks. This system is put into place so that we can work towards our climate goals and ensure that we’re alert to sustainability issues.

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