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Sustainable transport

Sustainability plays an important role in any industry. But when you drive a fleet of 450 trucks, the scale of our environmental impact is enormous. That’s why we’re making an effort to reduce our CO2 emissions in various areas. How? We combine our inbound and outbound transport and we build custom trucks that can handle as many different types of cargo as possible. On top of that, we drive with the most optimal loading combinations, reduce our total kilometers and keep our fleet young. For example, we now only drive with Euro 6 engines.

Sustainable loading

Thanks to our unique loading system, we can charge up to three trucks at the same time.
This reduces the number of trips to customers, which directly reduces our CO2 emissions.

“To continuously focus our attention on sustainability, I joined De Rooy as a Quality & Sustainability manager. Together with the management, I develop and implement plans for more climate-friendly transport.”

Lette Vrijhof

Sustainable for the environment...

Sustainability is a top priority at De Rooy. That’s why we’ve already been driving several routes on HVO100 fuel to reduce our CO2 emissions, and we will continue to expand this in the coming years. In addition, we have a unique loading system. This reduces the number of trips to customers, which directly reduces our CO2 emissions.  


But our continuous efforts to be more sustainable expand far beyond the road. In 2022, we completely renovated our office building using environmentally friendly materials. As a result, our building now has an A++ energy label, and we’ve reduced our carbon footprint. 

... and for our employees

But sustainability is a broad concept and has an impact on more aspects than just the environment. At De Rooy, we believe it’s important to also meet sustainability standards in these other aspects. That’s why we revised our CSR policy based on the ISO 26000 guidelines. 


Another focus is on the development of our employees. To achieve this, we improved our Academy. There, our drivers regularly attend training sessions on environmentally friendly driving, safe and efficient loading and unloading, and health – in their own language. 


In addition, we strive to provide a pleasant working environment, in which the office renovation has already made a big difference. Our color choices, layout, and ergonomic furniture reinforce this. And our drivers? They make use of modern (sanitary) facilities in our new driver hotel, which we opened in 2022. 


In conclusion: there is always room for improvement and innovation at De Rooy. Want to learn more about our commitment to a sustainable future? Read our ISO 26000 self-declaration here. 

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