Sales Director Dirk-Jan talks about unique customer relations


Do you work for a company that mainly transports trucks and tractors across Europe, just like us? Well, in that case, you know that the number of potential customers isn’t that large. After all, there are only about ten producers in the market. That’s why our sales focus is not just about selling, but also about building and managing relationships. Therefore, our relationships with customers are truly unique. And who better to talk to about this than our Sales Director, Dirk-Jan Zwagerman? In this interview, he tells us everything about special customer collaborations at De Rooy.

Stripes earned in the transport world

Dirk-Jan grew up in the transport world and has always held top positions in logistics. “I’ve spent seventeen years at Vos Logistics, where I fell in love with this industry. During my last eight years at Vos, I led the sales department. After that, I took on the exciting role of Global Key Account Director at TNT Logistics. That was incredible! I got to visit countries like China, Thailand, and Australia. But when I had kids, I realized I wanted to settle down a bit. After a few other jobs, I finally found my way to De Rooy. People had told me so many great things about this place, and I already knew Jan de Rooy from my time at Vos Logistics. So, after a short conversation, I decided to embark on this adventure.”

Building strong customer relationships

Since 2009, Dirk-Jan has been part of our team and has been responsible for taking care of our customers and contracts. “Almost all the truck and tractor producers in Europe rely on us to transport their vehicles. That’s what makes my role so special. There simply aren’t many new customers popping up all the time. That’s why it’s crucial for us to nurture and maintain relationships with our existing customers. We invest a lot of time and effort into them, and they do the same with us. We have a close bond with our customers, and we always keep them in the loop about market developments. These are long-lasting relationships, about which we care deeply.”

Customized solutions for customers

What sets De Rooy apart as a top supplier? “Well, apart from our capacity and extensive European network, the secret lies in our ability to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. We design and develop our own trucks for transporting different loads, and a big part of it is customized for specific customers. Our clients often invite us to see their new prototypes, and that’s when the real fun begins. We quickly figure out how we can transport those new models and what adjustments we need to make to our vehicles. By being involved from the early stages, we can adapt fast and always deliver.”

Customer relationships as old as De Rooy itself

“Most of our customer relationships go way back, spanning decades. And when you’ve known each other for so long, you become like old friends and understand each other inside out. For example, our collaboration with DAF is almost as old as De Rooy itself. Our locations are right next to each other, and we have daily contact on various levels. We also have regular monthly evaluations and hold major business review meetings once a year. Our customers know that we are always there for them, especially during the turbulent times in the market in recent years. We strive to provide support wherever we can, not just in transportation, but in other areas as well. We’re in it for the long haul with our customers.”

High capacity and a European network

“What makes us unique is that we operate throughout Europe. Our customers manufacture large-sized products, which means their vehicles need to leave their premises quickly to make room for more. And that’s where we come in. We have cross-dock centers strategically located across Europe, close to their production sites. These centers allow our customers to temporarily store their products, giving them the flexibility they need. From there, our lot planner works their magic, optimizing the most efficient loads and journeys.

Our extensive network and capacity make us an attractive choice for customers. We provide a complete solution and serve as a single point of contact. We’re really proud of that.”

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