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Research & Development

The unique position of De Rooy is due to our continuous efforts in the field of research and development, one of our main activities. A team of professionals continuously endeavours for the best solutions. It comes with innovative transport methods, developed and built in-house. For De Rooy’s clients a guarantee for good-quality material and the opportunity to organize the transport as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. An important reason why leading companies know how to find us over and over again.

going along with changing demand

Continuous changes in the market always ask for new transport solutions. The smallest change can already have its effect on the load factor. In order to continuously serve our clients at the most, it is important to be able to switch quickly. De Rooy understands this. Because we are working from our own company we can operate quickly and decisively. Our challenge; always realising the technically most achievable. Our performances in the DAKAR are the conclusive proof of it.

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