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Logistics Services

Warehousing and distribution belong to the specialities of De Rooy. From our Regional Distribution Centre in Oud Gastel (the Netherlands), at industrial zone Borchwerf II, we offer a warehouse with a 45.000 m2 warehouse capacity.

dedicated distribution services

De Rooy is strong in its fine distribution of domestic appliances and white goods. For that reason many trendsetting producers such as WhirlpoolWecycle and Candy Hoover have contracted out these activities to us. Less risks and cost-technical interesting. Thus, extra value for our clients. Therefor more than one million products are processed and distributed within the Benelux annually.

De Rooy Warehousing B.V. 
Industrial zone Borchwerf II 
Klompenhoefke 3 
4751 XP Oud Gastel (Netherlands)

T (+31) 016 551 6161

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De Rooy Warehousing BV Oud Gastel