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Innovative transport solutions. Technically always one step further. Made-to-measure for our customers. That is our purpose. Many years of experience, technical insight, knowledge of the market’s demand and a huge commitment. Qualities with which De Rooy has obtained a trendsetting position in entire Europe. The company strongly developed itself and throughout the years it became an international market player with a very clear described expertise: Custom-made transport.

De Rooy  Driven organisation

  The unique position of De Rooy is due to our continuous efforts in the field of research and development.
  A team of professionals continuously exerts endeavours for the best solution. It comes with innovative
  transport methods, developed and built in-house. Continuous changes in the market demand an ability to
  switch over quickly. To serve our clients with the utmost efficient transport solutions. Our extensive
  network, own compounds and planning department are contributing to this.

De Rooy  Client first

  Customer satisfaction, this is where it’s all about at De Rooy. That also applies for partnership. No short-
  term investments but long-established relationships. Thus we are proud to have the opportunity to work for
  leading companies around the world. De Rooy has its origin in a family company in southern Netherlands,
  established in 1923. Decisive and with a pleasant atmosphere and informal culture. In the meantime the
  company has business locations all over Europe. 

 One of family De Rooy’s great passions is the participation in DAKAR, already since 1982. A rally where we, by means of applying our innovative techniques, collaborate in the top of the formula one of the truck-racing. And with success, after victories in 1982 and 1987, team De Rooy achieved first and second place in 2012. In 2016 even 4 standings within top 10, respectively first, third, fifth and tenth.